We are a professional automobile detailing studio, specialists for paint protection and paint restoration treatments

Having gained experience in the automobile industry and working closely with global companies such as Harley Davidson, Triumph, BMW, Motogaze Autosalon is proud to cater its services to such elite group of companies and cliental which speaks of our high quality standards.

1000+ Satisfied Clients


We are an upcoming motorcycle themed cafe with a fine eye for coffee ☕

Super Car Shakes

Mclaren Chocolate Shake             ₹179
Enzo Oreo Shake                              ₹199

Calliper Nachos

Nachos With Salsa                        ₹209
Baked Nachos With Cheese       ₹249


Salted                                                ₹149
Cheesy                                              ₹169


Chocolate Smoothie                       ₹179
Banana Smoothie                           ₹149

Rear View Burgers

Newyorker Cheese                          ₹189
Mexican                                              ₹179

Side Light Eggs

Sunny Side Up                                 ₹129
Scrambled Eggs                             ₹139

Motogaze Car Salon is everything you need to take care of your car!

The Best Car Salon in the town